My name is István Babinszki (19), I live in Tiszaújváros. I passed my school leaving exams and now I'm admitted to Miskolc University as a computer engineer. I'm so happy.

I have an open mind on new things, I try a lot of things out and I like doing them, too. I think, I can tell from myself that I'm sporty. I'm a member of an archer club, called Sárkány SC. I like archering, it is great relaxation. I and my friends go to play floorball once a week. Furthermore, I play tennis and ride my bike. Naturally, I don't remiss computer games too:)

I think, I'm a bit picky in music. I like both older and this days' music. I listen to everything what has good melody and varied. But my favourite is the Nightwish.

If you are curious to know anything else about me, please write me an e-mail which is presented below "Contact"!